Frequently Asked Questions

About Nutropin AQ® (somatropin)

Responses to the Frequently Asked Questions below combine to deliver key clinical, safety, and administrative information on different aspects of Nutropin therapy.

Nutropin Therapy

Where should Nutropin AQ be stored?

How long can Nutropin AQ stay outside the refrigerator?

When should a patient call the prescriber?

How can discomfort during injections be minimized?

Can the patient travel while taking Nutropin AQ?

What if a patient misses an injection?

What should a patient tell their healthcare professional before starting Nutropin AQ?

What are the most common adverse events?

Who should the patient contact if he or she experiences a side effect or adverse event?

Why might a patient not have an optimal response to growth hormone (GH) therapy?

How long will a patient have to take growth hormone therapy?